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360 Medical Centre


Integrated wellness and aesthetic confidence.

360 Medical is one-of-a-kind medical centre in Limassol, Cyprus. One of a kind because it merges 2 worlds: Primary Care & Medical Aesthetics.

Being a novel concept for the local market, we needed to understand if these two separate worlds are able to not only coexist under the same umbrella, but most importantly, be beneficial to each other. 

Well, you may know what’s coming next…Brand Strategy! Of course, brands are not built on assumptions, they are built on research, facts, design and a bit of stardust.

Hold your horses! Before we storm on with the Brand Strategy, we're super excited that our 360 Medical Centre design has been listed for best design among The Best Pharmaceutical & Medical Branding Examples by Design Rush!
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
Medical Clinic Branding and Naming - 360 Medical


The Brand Strategy workshops gave us the clarity needed to make a confident, directional decision on the brand while also allowing us to continuously collaborate with the client throughout the process. Keep scrolling for more…


Starting one business is complicated, make that two businesses and it becomes even more of a challenge. We had to be uber sure that these two sides of the same coin were reinforcing each other, instead of becoming competing entities that will confuse the user, pardon the patient in this case.


Building a bridge = Medical Aesthetics with a premium feel. Primary care with the same premium feel. Premium is a feeling, not a price tag.

Traditionally GESY (NHS in UK) clinics are well…basic, while medical aesthetics clinics tend to have a more sophisticated vibe and service.

We merged the two under one key concept, the premium feel because premium is a feeling, not a price tag.


  1. A simple, on-brand and memorable name. With so many new brands launched every day, this is always a challenge.
  2. Launched in a record time. From workshop to open doors in just 6 weeks.
  3. A brand that supported a quick customer acquisition in both sectors.
  4. A brand that supported a brand new clinic construction.
  5. A truly different sounding and looking medical brand.
  6. A team that is confidently building a cohesive brand across multiple touchpoints.


Once the brand strategy was defined, the name was created, tested and legally registered, the brand identity unfolded smoothly and efficiently. We focused on creating a relatable and appropriate mark, without falling into the medical cliche traps.

We equipped the logo with an identity able to support both sides of the business while using one single voice and style.