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Work and live by the sea!

We’re a young, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team focused on doing what we love in an easygoing, creative and fun environment.  Some of us have travelled across the globe to be here and others have changed career paths with us.  We embrace change and diversity and always welcome out of the box thinkers.

We do:
code, design, strategy, learning, jokes and Friday beers.

We don’t do: big egos, lies or boredom


THE F39 WAY...

Flexible hours

We believe that working hours should suit life commitments. Start and finish work at a time that works best for you, giving you the chance to squeeze in all the bits and bobs of a hectic life - and yes, that also includes walking your dog. 

Work from home

We encourage a healthy work/life balance, so from time to time you get to work from home; we believe that a day or two away from the office (while wearing your favourite pair of pjs) can increase productivity and stimulate creativity.

Training budget

We’re huge fans of personal and professional growth; we allocate a development allowance for each employee to be invested in talks, workshops, online training courses, books or any relevant initiative to help you cultivate your skills.

Variety of work

We really don’t enjoy doing the same thing every day. We like to keep things interesting, be creative and support our clients with fresh ideas; that’s why we value our wide range of projects and rarely ever get the same results twice.


We never skip Beer o`Clock on Fridays and we always find a good excuse to get together away from the screen for food, drinks, sports or any activity we feel like sharing with the rest of the bunch. 


We are based in the vibrant and sunny Limassol, within a 5 minute walk from the beach and a 3 minute drive from the city centre. Bars, shops and restaurants are all a stone’s throw away. Fancy a dip?


Living by the sea

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, but still a relatively small island, meaning that the beach (and mountains) are never too far away. We often escape for a seaside picnic or a quick dip…one thing we don’t do is take boring breaks!

320 sunny days!

The island where sea temperatures are still warm in November, Winters are sweet and comfortable, and Summers boast an average temperature of 30-33°C; with 320 days of sunshine a year, it’s the perfect place to keep your batteries charged!

A place for everyone

Limassol - with its high standard of living - has attracted young adults from across the world. A city with a unique identity and array of experiences to offer. Be that kitesurfing or an unforgettable gastronomic journey...and so much more in between.

Buzzzing nightlife

Limassol is an all-year-round tourist destination (about 2.4 million visitors a year) and the stage for many DJs and performers. Locals love to spend their free time hanging out at cafes, cocktail bars and restaurants; there’s definitely a place for anything you may crave.

Well connected

Short distances is what we love about Limassol. The beach is always 10 minutes away and if you feel like escaping for the day, the mountains are about an hour's drive; and with 2 international airports, a short city break abroad has never been easier to plan.


Cycling, running, climbing, crossfit, paragliding, kitesurfing - Limassol has it all. Numerous sport clubs and events are based here, and as a team, we never miss the internationally famous Limassol Marathon…some of us might even manage to hit the finish line.


Executive Assistant

We are looking to expand our team with an Executive Assistant to support our managing team with day to day administrative and personal tasks. The ideal candidate will have exceptional organizational skills, excellent spoken and written English, and an aptitude in using computer software and tools.


Full-stack software development engineer

We are looking to expand our team with a junior to mid-level full-stack software development engineer that is eager to learn and wants to join a fast-growing company. The ideal candidate will have a passion for solving problems,  writing excellent well-tested code, developing software at scale and creating well-thought user experiences. 


Brand Designer

We are looking to expand our team with a junior to mid-level graphic/brand designer that is eager to learn and wants to join a fast-growing company. The ideal candidate will have a passion for building smart, well-designed brands, design applications and is the type of person that walks into each meeting with a notebook full of ideas, sketches and often finds inspiration in weird places at weird times. His/her decision making process is based on research, brand positioning and business objectives. Love for branding and design is essential.

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