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ASG | Car Leasing


Branding car leasing in Cyprus.

ASG Group is the largest mobility group in Cyprus with over 40 years of experience and encompasses Europcar Cyprus, GoldCar, and ASG Cars. Despite their plans for expansion, they wanted to remain known as a local company; serving the businesses and planning for a greener and more efficient mobility in Cyprus.

Since car leasing in Cyprus is a new concept, we focused on human-centric design principles to guide our decision-making process,  ensuring we created a brand and website which made leasing simple and understandable for all.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer Surveys
  • UX & UI
  • Software Development
  • Market Analysis
Car leasing branding ASG


A brand made for and by the user.

Our research was not limited solely to UX & UI, but also included live brand-strategy sessions with the ASG team, quantitative customer surveys and qualitative customer interviews.

These sessions helped us define the company’s core, while focusing on the user's pain points and needs. Together we took advantage of these fun and interactive sessions to create a strong brand platform on which the business can develop, grow and evolve.


Through research and interviews, we discovered that the average Cypriot had heard of leasing but didn’t really know what it was, how to do it, or if it was a good solution for them.

Even fewer people had actually leased before.

On average, people felt nervous about hidden costs and sneaky contract agreements (you know what we mean...).

Leasing in Cyprus sounded rather complex.
Talking to Cypriot business owners led us to ask one straightforward question…
“How might we make leasing in Cyprus simple, and easy for all?

We were, therefore, able to define ASG’s positioning as one which would help local businesses with all their mobility needs through education, transparency, customer service and support.


Similarly, through the strategy sessions, the foundation of the brand was laid out in the ASG Brand Roadmap.

The visual identity naturally followed; a simple yet effective logo system to house all the ASG Group sub-brands, accommodate any future expansion, while also remaining close to the heritage of the business.