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Invaxa | Forex


Not just another Forex. Invaxa the brand journey.

Invaxa is an upcoming Cyprus-based forex company. As you well know the forex and financial industry are incredibly saturated and competitive markets. That’s why a strong foundation was needed in order to ensure longevity, structure, and to engineer the brand connection with customers.

On top of the market challenges, the Forex industry comes with a dubious reputation. It's full of misleading marketing and fraudulent schemes. We had to stand out, we had to aim at giving Forex a better name.

We focused on the human-centric side of trading, leveraging superior customer support and communication to build trust between broker and trader.

A Forex brand, with a human soul… yes that’s right!

  • Brand Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Templates
  • Website Design
  • Software Development
  • Integrations
 Forex Branding Invaxa


  1. Launched in a record time. From workshop to going live in just 6 weeks.
  2. A brand that supported a quick expansion in 5 countries.
  3. A truly different sounding and looking Forex brand. 
  4. A team that is confidently sharing the same brand message on all touchpoints.

"Our collaboration with Factory39 is ongoing and will be one that will last long. The most enjoyable part would have to be the workshops and the communication between both teams.

Martin invests himself so much into building a brand as if it were his own, which kind of makes you feel he is part of your own team."

-  Nicky Kleopa, Head of HR at Invaxa


Standing out in an incredibly saturated market and distance the business from the bad players while owning something unique that goes beyond features and trading assets.

Not all forexes are the same.

While everyone is focused inwards, we are focused outwards. We are focused on you, our trader.


Our brand engineering process started with multiple brand strategy workshops, conducted over zoom (thanks Covid), with the Invaxa team to fully align the c-suite of the company while digging deep to uncover precious brand-building insights.

Through additional market research, customer interviews and competitor analysis, we uncovered that all Forex companies, in particular, those Cyprus-based, sound pretty much the same  - they’re leaders, they’re global, they’re established - giving all the talk but no walk.

Whilst talking with traders, we realised that they needed more than the usual, “We are the best forex.” Customers needed someone trustworthy, reliable and most importantly, a friendly human voice to rely on in time of need.

“I want to trade with a broker I can rely on when needed.”

- Said Mark, one of the customers we interviewed.

From this key insight, we were able to define our position as the broker you can talk to, and define our voice as someone who listens, guides, is available and goes way beyond the profit. 

A human brand.


Once the brand strategy was defined, the brand identity then followed smoothly like an ice-cold beer on a warm August day. In the brand identity stage, we focus on what the customer sees and touches. The tangible elements they experience daily.

We expanded the brand core into an ever-growing set of external applications all with the same goal, communicating the brand essence.

The forex industry never sleeps and is in constant movement...so is the logo that we designed.

A dynamic logo inspired by the ever-changing nature of the industry that also becomes the focus vector for the entire brand: Our People. An identity that is able to react and move fast while never losing focus on what really matters: YOU.


In order to showcase their new brand, a custom website using Spina and Tailwind UI was developed. The design focused on generating a comforting emotion through the use of a clear and consistent look and feel. 

Since the website had to be designed and launched in a record time, less than 3 weeks, we relied on Tailwind UI and agile principles to make sure the platform was ready for the deadline.

We started by collaboratively designing the wireframe with the Invaxa team on Miro. We then translated the design into a fully functional Figma prototype to visualise the content and test the usability before progressing to the development. All done in-house by the lovely humans at Factory39. Did we mention it was done in 3 weeks?

For more visit the live website.