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The Trading Pit | Prop Trading


Trading should be a binary relationship.

Imagine a trading platform where the trader and broker work together...no really. The Trading Pit is a fintech startup providing a new way for trading, proprietary trading. In simple terms, they give their traders everything they need to become successful, including the capital. Yes, you read that right, including their own money.

As you know, way too many financial companies make a profit by taking advantage of the trader and betting against him. Just like a casino, the house always wins. Not in this case.

It's not every day that you get to work on an innovative project made by genuinely nice people. Simply a perfect match for us!

Scroll down to unveil how we brought to life this super cool brand. 
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design
Fintech Branding The Trading Pit


  1. Record time launch of a brand that rallies the team together
  2. A brand that was awarded the Fastest Growing Prop Firm in Europe
  3. A brand that secured €10 million in its latest round of growth funding
  4. 2 national awards for Corporate Brand Identity and Interactive Design.

"Factory 39 helped us with our A-Z brand creation and brand strategy for The Trading Pit. We really enjoyed Martin’s creative mind and conceptualisation abilities. The entire F39 team was awesome."

-  Themis Christou, Chief Marketing Officer at The Trading Pit


What’s the best way to brainstorm with a German funded company? At the beach of course!

The brand development process began with The Trading Pit flying in from Germany for multiple Brand Strategy sessions where we squeezed our brand to full capacity.

Through industry research, competitor analysis and multiple exercises, we manage to uncover foundational insight that we used to build a brand like no other.

These insights proved that there’s a gap in the market for exactly what the customer wants - A broker that’s completely aligned with the trader. A broker that builds a relationship based on mutual benefit. The trader wins, the broker wins. The trader loses, well the broker loses too.

This allowed us to position The Trading Pit as your ladder for trading success.


Help people understand, as fast as possible, what Prop Trading is and why they would benefit from it.


The Trading Pit = Partnership. 
Not a Customer.
Not a Client.
Not a User.
A Partner!


A financial industry where companies and traders are truly aligned for mutual benefit.

We believe that trading should be a binary relationship between broker and trader.

They win, we win. They lose, we lose.

This is The Trading Pit!

Partnering for mutual growth.


Climbing to financial freedom is a step by step process and we wanted to portray this in the logo. 

“From your first funded trade, to your financial freedom,” The Trading Pit is beside you throughout the journey.


In order to showcase this new and refreshing concept of trading, we worked with the company’s inhouse designers and developers to implement a brand new website in a record time.

We made use of Adobe XD to design each page, ensuring the brand identity was consistent throughout.