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Ask Wire | Real Estate Intelligence


Ask Wire, Understand Real Estate.

Launched in 2019, Ask Wire (formerly Wire-FS) is a pioneer in Real Estate intelligence.

The Factory 39 team was tasked with developing a brand strategy and a new identity to support both business and product development, enabling the Ask Wire team to expand their presence across Europe.

Our collaboration with Ask Wire began in 2021, and since then, we have been involved in all major aspects of the company's development. Currently, we are planning and designing the next steps to make their vision a reality, while also supporting their recent launch into Greece.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Messaging
  • Marketing
  • UX & UI
  • Website & Platform Design
Branding The Real Estate Future, Ask Wire.


  1. Voted Best Fintech for Real Estate in Europe
  2. Among the 10 most promising startups from Cyprus in 2023
  3. Secured 1+ M in investments
  4. 98% of users are delighted by the UX
  5. 30K website views in the first month
  6. Expanded into the Greek market
  7. Partnered with the Cypriot Ministry of Finance


When we first started working with Ask Wire, we recognised the need for a cohesive brand strategy to guide their business and product development. Our team began by conducting extensive research on the real estate industry and its socioeconomic and political impact in Cyprus and Europe.

It was clear that things needed to change.

Despite data's crucial role in enabling accurate decision-making, boosting profits, and fostering strong customer relationships in most industries, the European and particularly the Cypriot real estate sector had yet to fully embrace this trend.

Collaborating with the Ask Wire team in a series of intense and purposely designed workshops allowed us to draft a brand strategy path and position Ask Wire competitively in the market.

From guesswork to data-driven decisions.

The future of European Real Estate starts in Cyprus.


Most of Real Estate is guesswork.

People inside and around the industry lack necessary accurate information to make calculated decisions and truly make the most out of their investments.


Ask Wire, understand Real Estate.


To reflect the new brand strategy and positioning and to secure a European trademark, we helped Ask Wire with the process of renaming and rebranding the company from Wire FS to Ask Wire.

We refined the logo to be cleaner, simpler, and more structured, which resulted in a stronger synergy with the brand strategy and better performance among competitors.


The core power of the Ask Wire proposition lies in its platform. The collaboration between Factory 39 and Ask Wire was crucial in developing a one-of-a-kind real estate data platform with a strong focus on usability and customer experience.

Our team took charge of all major components and designed an experience that is not only easy to use for anyone but also easy for the Ask Wire team to implement and expand upon.

The result is a brand and design-driven real estate platform that stands out from its competitors and offers a unique user experience.


We also designed and developed a new website for Ask Wire that would house the entirety of the Ask Wire brand proposition together wit the sReal Estate insight platform.
Our team focused on creating a modern and sleek design that would be intuitive to navigate, informative and engaging. Just like the brand’s positioning dictates.

The new website effectively communicates the Ask Wire brand and its vision to transform the real estate industry through data-driven decision-making.


Our ongoing relationship with Ask Wire has allowed us to further develop their brand identity through various collaterals, such as event branding, printed materials, digital assets, advertisement, marketing and merchandise.

By leveraging the strong foundation that we created through our initial brand strategy and rebranding work, we were able to consistently communicate the Ask Wire brand across different touchpoints and support their business plan.