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Rebranding SiGMA the World's iGaming Authority


SiGMA's Evolution into a Global Brand Powerhouse

In late 2023, SiGMA, one of the key players in the iGaming events space, found itself at a crossroads. While the business was expanding and gaining traction worldwide, its brand faced significant challenges related to structure, strategy, efficiency, and consistency.

The rapid organic growth that propelled SiGMA into the spotlight underscored a pressing need for a refreshed strategy and positioning. This pivot was essential not only to initiate a new phase of growth but also to enhance effectiveness across the entire organisation. 

This is the story of how Factory 39 repositioned and rebranded SiGMA as a truly global brand by streamlining its brand operations and crafting a new visual, verbal, and behavioural strategy, aligning the whole organisation towards one single direction.
  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Architecture
  • Personal Branding
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Event Branding
  • Social Media Branding
  • Culture Startegy

THE CHALLENGE: The business grew, the brand didn't

The project kicked off with extensive internal and external research, coupled with social listening and insight gathering. This comprehensive approach is crucial because you cannot prescribe the right cure without the perfect diagnosis.

The audit revealed the iGaming industry as fiercely competitive, crowded and undifferentiated.

As a business that grew rapidly and expanded across multiple services and products on a global scale, the team was struggling to apply a consistent identity and perception across the entire SiGMA ecosystem.

The company had experienced organic growth but reached a point where strategic realignment was necessary to break through the growth ceiling and prepare for global expansion.

In short: The business expanded and grew, but the brand fell behind.

THE WORKSHOP: A brand first, event company later

Great businesses need even greater brands.

This is why we started by aligning the whole organisation and hosting a three-day brand strategy workshop in Limassol, bringing together key leaders and managers from its various global locations.

The workshop, held in collaboration with Wes Henstock, Ash Rathod, and Martin Zarian, three certified brand architects, aimed to forge a unified strategic direction. It ensured that all departments and regional operations aligned with SiGMA's overarching goals and collaborated effectively.

THE BRAND PLATFORM: Beyond the game

The new brand platform of SiGMA celebrates the entire iGaming and online gambling ecosystem, positioning SiGMA at the very center of it. An ecosystem that not only fuels business growth and cross-industry collaboration but also supports and promotes safe entertainment and social impact activities for the benefit of the surrounding communities.

SiGMA's positioning as the iGaming authority connects everyone gravitating around it while ensuring the industry generates a positive impact for all individuals, both inside and outside of online gambling.

THE BRAND IDENTITY: Simpler, bolder and scalable.

Great brand identities are simple ones, and in a fast-moving and evolving space like online gambling, this was imperative.

Our focus was on evolution rather than revolution. The main logo became simpler, bolder, and more able to adapt to the vast number of touchpoints currently in SiGMA, but most importantly, in the roadmap of the business.

The historic SiGMA polygon became a branded element: "the slice," which comes to life in several different ways, putting the icon on the trajectory of becoming a memorable brand asset for SiGMA.

THE EVENT SYSTEM: One brand, infinite location

Among the main goals of the project, we highlighted the need for SiGMA's incredible events to come to life way before attendees landed at the location.
We wanted people to feel the sand in their shoes before arriving in Dubai.
Martin Zarian - Lead strategist & Creative Director @Factory 39
Together with the incredible team of SiGMA we designed a new brand architecture system branching out from SiGMA's main group logo and switching the relationship between location and provider, effectively putting SiGMA in the second seat while celebrating the location hosting the events.

We designed 6 sub-brands deeply rooted in the iconic locations of SiGMA. For each location, we studied the culture, traditions, and landscapes, taking the most iconic elements and using them in a brand identity that is able to morph anywhere in the world and celebrate the rich culture of each location, from Malta to Brazil by SiGMA.


Hear firsthand how our strategy and design transformed their brand and business from SiGMA's founder Eman Pulis: