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Saxophone & Performance Masterclass


Taking music & performance online during COVID-19

After gaining both international acclaim and street credit, grace Kelly & Leo P aim to inspire the next generation of musical performers. 

Combining the traditional art of Jazz and head bouncing street performing style, they carefully curated the Saxophone & Performance masterclass. 
  • Messaging
  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Video Transitions
  • Merchandise
  • Editorial Design
Music branding 2Saxy

brand strategy for the future

Collaborating closely with the band, we began the F39 Brand Sprint workshops. A number of exercises helped both sides compile all the abstract thoughts and ideas about the brand; our goal was to base the creativity and brand identity on clear and specific business goals, helping Grace & Leo grow financially.

Through the workshops and collaborative meetings with 2Saxy, we were able to uncover fundamental golden nuggets about the brand’s core values and personality. We gained deep insight into their target audience, stakeholder needs, competition and USP, which provided us with the tools to not only visually express who they are but also help them develop the right positioning and brand awareness.


Inspiration for the logo and identity came directly from Grace and Leo's musical sound. Through exploration of the instrument and music notes, we created a logo and logotype that not only naturally flowed, but was strong enough to stand alone. 

The colours of the masterclass are playful and bold when used together, yet professional and sleek when used alongside white or black. 

An unexpected harmony.

The logo

The video

The brand in action

We created a diverse, playful, yet professional brand identity. We helped 2Saxy monetise their idea to digitise their service during one of the most challenging socio-economic times.  By creating a dynamic digital brand and raising awareness, we helped them bring a one of a kind masterclass to life, enabling a new income stream, but also allowing them to place a premium on their service.