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CPV Corporate


CPV Financial Services Rebrand: Cyprus based, Swiss aesthetic.

CPV Group is one of the most trusted Accounting & Finance firms in Cyprus. The group specialises in complex hedge transactions and custom financial & audit services for international clients.

The company approached us with a very specific challenge; “How can we refresh our company’s image, and create a dynamic design system that will support a constantly growing company moving into different acquisitions and new markets?” 
  • Brand identity
  • UX & UI
  • Website development
  • Stationery design
Financial branding CPV


After our initial brand workshop, we decided to keep the original name CPV, which stood for Commitment - Professionalism - Value. These characteristics were still the primary driver behind the company’s mission, there was no need to reinvent the wheel. However, the logo and company has since evolved. We wanted to visually showcase this evolution by making the logo more modern and dynamic. 


The fundamental principles we followed to demonstrate the new logo concept were elegance, simplicity, and safety. These are the values that drove the logo concept development. We focused on creating a scalable logo system that could evolve into a more diverse, but easy to navigate brand architecture that appeals to sophisticated business leaders. 


In such an overcrowded market, first impressions help drive a customer to conversion and why not, conversation. We focused on translating the same premium look and feel of the logomark to the brand applications; we designed and produced the stationery using the latest printing techniques and finishes to really leave a mark and stand out. The business cards feature a silver-gilt edge, a foiled logo, a duplex with textured paper and a debossed logo on the back. We really went for it. 


We also helped CPV shape their digital image with a fully custom website and CMS system. The focus was on usability, but also on the team’s desire to create a unique and branded portal for the business to push their content and share documents with their clients. Our very own Factory39 CMS gives the CPV team the power to maintain their website, allowing their digital presence to always be up to date.