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Agile software development for the products of tomorrow.

Looking to build your next app or platform? We have an extensive background in custom software development, focusing from small bespoke web apps and integrations, to large scale bespoke enterprise platforms.

We never outsource our work and can help you plan, design, and build any system to satisfy your  business requirements. We are an agile team that can either take on the full project or embed in your existing software development team to help you deliver it.
Whether you are interested in building a custom web application for your next idea, an ecommerce website, or an internal system, we can help. We are experienced in the latest front-end technologies and best practices to deliver a modern, extensible and maintainable web application.
Commonly referred to as the way different systems talk to one another, APIs are the backbone of what makes systems work. With our help you can create a well designed, highly scalable API for your platform or application. We will ensure industry standard practices are met and provide you with publishable documentation for your consumers.
Nothing brings a new brand to life more than a modern and impressive website. With a range of projects showcasing our custom web development skills and our inhouse UI & UX team, we can develop an experience your customers will love to help you achieve your targets.
Most companies want to release often and reliably but struggle with their existing platforms and are not necessarily able to move to the cloud. Using the latest technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, and Ansible we can help you upgrade your infrastructure so you can benefit from automated scalability, Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD), repeatable environments and confident deployments.
Companies often rely on manual tests to ensure their applications are functioning as required. We believe in the power of automated tests, not only because they reduce the testing overhead but also because they provide continuous confidence in the reliability of an application. Any new code we write is covered by an automated suite as a standard or we can set up and improve an automated testing suite for your existing systems.
Often your existing system will need to work with a different one, either because of data or to use third-party functionality. We can help develop integrations between complex systems to ensure smooth operation and scalability.
Building cloud-ready applications for the ever-changing digital landscape is at the heart of what we do. We will help you build cloud native applications that can scale to meet your needs. Using modern tools like Kubernetes and our experience in delivering micro-services on elastic infrastructure, we will ensure your software can grow at the same pace as your company.
Building your minimum viable product can be daunting. We can help you distill your idea into its fundamental features and develop them in a way that will best showcase your amazing product. We believe that MVPs don’t have to be scrapped: we put in the same amount of effort in making sure your code is maintainable and extensible to take your product from MVP to fully featured.
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
- Albert Einstein -


Developing new software for a product or an idea is a continuous process of iteration. We adapt to changing requirements, we ship early and often, while involving you in every step of the process: we’ll build the product you need today and not just the one you envisioned at the beginning. We employ test driven development (TDD) which ensures quality and reliability from the beginning, helping us continuously deliver features as needed.

Software development in Cyprus


We are excited by new technology, we love exploring it and incorporating it into our workflow  to deliver the best experience for you and your customers. We know how to select the best tool for the job among a broad range of available technologies: from the latest programming languages, frameworks, SQL and in memory NoSQL databases, to the latest application deployment tools and automation environments.
Ruby on rails
Node JS
Java Script
Amazon Web Services
Docker Compose
Beta testing is a symptom of weak testing practices and poor communication with customers.
- Kent Beck -

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