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User-focused, business-minded and value-driven design.

We craft unique online and offline experiences that speak your brand language and communicate your brand’s story. The main focus on branding is to deeply connect with the right audience and nurture long-lasting relationships.

The digital world can be confusing and frustrating. We help you navigate through the complexity of the market and help your brand reach your customers in the most direct and effective way.
Whether online or offline everything rotates around your users. It’s not about what you say, it’s about how you are perceived and what they say about you.
Did you know that 77% of customers make a purchase because of a brand’s name? Whether it’s descriptive, abbreviated, fictional or experiential, it has to work. Brand naming is how you initiate a connection with your target audience. Your brand's name needs to resonate with your customers, be memorable and appropriate to the market your brand belongs to. First impressions do matter, and yes we do judge a book by its cover or name.
Although a logo is not the brand itself, it certainly makes the first impression. It’s how you are evaluated and it sets the tone for what follows. We can help shape your visual identity to better communicate your core values and be relevant and meaningful to your target audience.

Brands aren’t created to just be used, they are experienced and felt. In combination with the digital experience, your brand must also resonate with the physical world. Whether it's a conference booth, your office branding or POS, we create solutions that can bring your brand to life, whilst sensibly existing around you and your customer. 
It’s hard to stand out in today’s overcrowded shelves. As the right packaging can make or break a product, we focus on delivering your story and communicating your brand while making your product look uber cool.
Commonly referred to as the  “Brand book”, “Style Guides” or “Brand Standards”, these guidelines are your brand’s Bible. It includes all the elements and standard rules for keeping your brand consistent and easily recognisable in the digital world. Typically, the Digital Brand Book will cover sections such as: Logo Usage, Colours, Typography, Photography, Stationery, Social Media, Digital Advertisement, Iconography and Messaging.
Whether you’re entering the digital world for the first time or just refreshing your presence, our Core Strategy Workshop will help you highlight your purpose, find your tone of voice, know your customers, define your goals and structure the digital communication to better interact with your users.
Getting your idea out there can be terrifying and expensive. That’s why we believe in lean design and development. Our process will allow you to get a functional digital prototype out in the market fast and collect valuable data to drive further development and of course test if the market has an appetite for your new idea before investing further capital.
In today’s fast-moving market, the information you share needs to evolve quickly. We provide you with the best tools and platforms to put you behind the wheel, giving you all the power to steer, create, share and update your content effortlessly.
Whether your app exists on a mobile or a desktop, our team here at Factory 39 have you covered. We define the User Experience (UX) and design the User Interface (UI) to bring your application to life and reach your business goals, whilst engaging with your users in a meaningful and intuitive manner. We design and code in all major languages and for all technologies using agile methodologies.
We craft unique digital experiences that speak your brand language seamlessly on all browsers and devices. We use the latest technologies and tools, to deliver your platform in an iterative and fail-proof way: we design, prototype and develop fast;
Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
- Steve Jobs -


The branding process is never straightforward. Through the years we’ve developed a process that puts you, the brand owner and your ideal customer right in the middle of the design tasks.

Branding is extremely personal and we make sure every brand has the deserved respect and time to be developed properly. Branding is a journey and a good start is half the battle.
Strategy Implementation


Just like we do for branding, we put strategy first: our interactive digital design process kicks off once business goals, brand attributes and customers’  profile have been defined. Our approach is customer-centric, data-driven and business-focused, in all our digital applications: we use the latest data-harvesting technologies on all live platforms and focus on analytics to listen to user feedback and experiences in order to keep the platform up-to-date.

We react fast in the ever-changing digital world and we design and implement in steps, learning fast and making the required changes along the way.

We use agile methodologies for all our digital projects:

Branding agency Cyprus
Design is more than just a few tricks to the eye. It’s a few tricks to the brain.
- Neville Brody -
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