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Diagnose - Prescribe - Create.

By definition, brand strategy is the long term plan for the development of a successful brand. In other words, brands aren’t just created, they’re planned. The Factory 39 Core Strategy Workshop will help clarify your next steps and answer questions like:

- What’s my brand’s unique market position?
- Who’s my customer?
- How to talk to, attract, delight and empower my customer?
- How to communicate my brand’s voice and story?
- How to turn my expenses into investments? 
- How to shape, mould and cultivate my brand over time?

The outcome of the strategy workshop is your Brand Road Map, aka your brand’s northern star. A comprehensive and extensive document that acts as the blueprint from where the brand building will take off. This document will help you cement all your brand’s foundations and will act as a point of reference for each new activity during your brand journey.
Set your goals and plan the journey to reach them. Gain understanding and clarity towards the best practices to reach your brand’s goals and how to maximise ROI. Stop shooting in the dark and start aiming at the target. Stop spending and start investing in your brand.
The average consumer can only recall the top 3 brands of a specific sector. Unique brand positioning is a key component to embedding the right perception in your ideal customer’s mind and ensuring you are perceived differently from your direct competition. Differentiation is key for brand success.
How to talk to, attract, delight and empower your customer? Who are they? Where and how they live? How can your brand affect their lives? Gain a deeper understanding of your ideal customer and build a highly targeted awareness plan to expand your brand’s reach.
The core of your brand will help shape the inner and outer image of your company. By using imagery, language and key actions, your brand’s personality will be revealed to the world. This is how we want your brand to be perceived. It’s not about what you say but what they say.
What’s your brand’s story? How can you leverage your story to create unique customer experiences? How can your brand develop a unique voice and messaging to deeply connect with its audience? The message you put across is a fundamental part of your brand and we’ll make sure you sound and talk like you and no one else.
To create a truly scalable brand system, your company needs an equally dynamic brand identity that can evolve rapidly and consistently to changes around it. This translates to a solid brand at its core, with a dynamic outer core ready to delight, serve and attract your target audience.
You can’t score if you don’t know where the goal is.
- Chris Do -


In a time where features and products are becoming irrelevant, the term brand is taking on a new meaning. Businesses don’t own their brand anymore, customers do. Nowadays, it’s extremely important to shape the brand around your customers and empower them to be a part of it; to become the brand tribe.

We’ve developed a highly engaging and interactive workshop to help you clarify your brand’s purpose, find the right voice, deeply understand your customer and plan how to invest in your brand to maximise the ROI.

Some of our clients like to call this process Brand Therapy; Why? Because our curiosity allows us to dive deeper, ask the right questions and challenge everything. This results in aligning personal dreams with business goals, whilst also developing a strategy to reach those goals and strike the right balance between centrality and distinctiveness. 

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