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We are officially certified: Brand Specialists, Brand Strategists and Brand Architects!
While we do not like to brag or flash our certifications like a flag at a parade, we do understand the responsibility we have towards our people, clients and colleagues. We have to keep learning, evolving and being able to offer the best possible solutions to our clients.

We seek to improve every year with the most modern, functional and applicable skills that are needed today and most importantly, tomorrow. Everyone at Factory 39 has access to a healthy yearly learning budget and Martin, our co-founder and Brand geek, makes sure to use every cent of it year after year.

Five years ago, Martin started a professional journey to pivot from Designer to Strategist and this journey culminated in being coached by the father of modern branding itself, Marty Neumeier.

Last spring, Martin was awarded the certification of Brand Architect. He and 60 other brand geeks are among the first in the world to be recognised with this special skill set. The journey was not at all easy, but 100% incredibly rewarding.

After 6 months and over 100 hours of collaborating, swarming, thinking, looking, crying, laughing, testing, implicating, strategising, blueprinting, and designing the brand new architecture for the Dr. Oetker pizza division, we were finally able to add another prestigious skill to our armoury. Brand Architecture.

“Brand architects have a deep understanding of dimensional thinking. They tend to see problems in their full complexity-not as flat, linear, or static but as spatial, simultaneous, and evolving. They look beneath the surface of the brand to find the points of connection within the company’s business, then use these connections to blueprint ecosystems of value. Their work is not only strategic but generative, synergistic, and driven by customer insights. Strategists solve problems others can’t solve. Architects solve problems others can’t see.”

While we are incredibly proud of this achievement, we also realise that there is no ending to this journey. Our clients deserve the best, that’s why we keep aiming to be the best. Maybe this will never happen and maybe that is the whole point of it… to keep trying!

See you soon on yet another adventure.