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MUTABLE: Rebranding the edge cloud computing

The 4th industrial revolution is not a matter of if, but rather of when. Still though, a lot of work is to be done before we can all enjoy the benefits of safer, faster and more reliable infrastructure powering next generation devices, such as self-driving cars, medical robots and delivery drones.  At the forefront of companies bringing the future closer sits Mutable, a young and dynamic startup, building the public edge cloud and literally bringing edge computing to the next level. 

Mutable by definition is meant to “change in form or nature”, and while their products are continuously evolving - bringing faster, safer, greener, and closer internet to everyone, their brand didn’t reflect the same growing values and goals. The team realised that the brand was stuck in the past, and while the company and product evolved over the years, the brand was left behind.  

Brand strategy, planning the future

How can we create a brand that has the ability to move as fast as the digital world? The answer is strategy. A strong and crystal clear plan that will fuel any future branding activities; making sure to always have the best Return on Investment (ROI) when it comes to brand investment. 

The Factory 39 Brand Strategy Framework, is a highly engaging and demanding series of workshops and brainstorming sessions, where both teams collaborate, investigate and challenge the fundamental aspects that will define the brand and business in the years to come.  

Mutable is a remote team, so planning the strategy workshop in Limassol was a way to bring the team together and have some well deserved fun (but also productive) time by the beach. A win for everyone involved. The time spent together, helped the Mutable team determine their core business values of today, whilst defining where they want to be in the future. In turn, our team was able to scaffold ideas that aligned with the internal and external needs of their company and create a brand that will stand out in the edge computing industry.

One of the main pain points Mutable was facing was finding themselves at a crossroads during pitch meetings; they knew they needed clear and effective messaging, as well as brand strategy in order to constructively communicate who they are and why they are different from everyone else on the Edge. 
The objective was to determine their market positioning, value proposition, brand story and what makes them unique as a company. So how are they unique? Well, Mutable’s onliness statement says it all “Mutable is the only company able to deliver a faster, safer, closer greener internet, while connecting with underutilised servers to generate new revenue streams”.

We then created a quick one liner explanation “we are like an Airbnb for servers”, and last but not least we cemented the brand’s tagline: The Public Edge cloud.

This strategy outcome was also the foundation of developing content pieces to keep the team consistent and coherent during their investor pitches. Mutable now has a simple messaging framework, with titles and short paragraphs that can be used both internally and externally when a brand messaging piece is needed.

No more wasting time improvising 🏆

Brand roadmap, the brand blueprint

The collaboration didn’t end with strategy sessions. In fact, they were just the beginning of a long term and fruitful relationship with Mutable. We both knew we didn’t want to do the big mystical brand reveal, but rather join forces in a process of weekly meetings, constructing ideas and design iterations. 

Through these regular catch ups we developed a solid brand on edge roadmap with a clear path to scale Mutable to the next level where they’ll be recognised as leaders in the edge cloud computing industry. The roadmap is an extensive and living 60-page document - developed through an interactive and iterative process between teams.

Before even thinking of design we made sure to gain clarity on:
  • Brand Values
  • Positioning 
  • Mission
  • User Persona
  • Messaging 
  • Marketing strategy

Which then allowed us to :
  • Understand Mutable better
  • Understand the Edge computing industry better
  • Surface unique brand insights 
  • Surface unique customer insights 
  • Gain team alignment
  • Bridge ideas and design 

Which resulted in: 
  • Distinct market positioning 
  • Understanding the Mutable customer
  • Attracting, serving, delighting and empowering the customer
  • Investing in the brand rather than spending

And just like that, 3 workshops, numerous catch ups and a month’s worth of work later the Mutable brand blueprint, aka the brand roadmap was ready. Both teams now have a rock solid foundation on which the brand can evolve. This enables Mutable to invest in their brand wisely and with a clear goal, allowing them to gain a more strategic position in the eye of the competition, collaborators and investors. Mutable is now able to showcase a brand as strong and agile as their products.

To find out more on how the roadmap translated into visual identity check our case study here