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From a computer science teacher to a software developer.

Landing on your feet
Last year and at my first job after university, I started working as a Computer Science teacher in an institute in Wolverhampton. During my teaching time there I got the chance to teach coding and theory to both young learners and adults; children loved to program games and adults were eager to learn. Looking back, one of the most gratifying experiences was to teach coding to a student with autism, he could recognise patterns better than anyone and he was always so excited to learn. 

Teaching is a very rewarding job, especially when you see your students improving and the positive impact you have on them as a role model. As a teacher you get to learn a lot of different skills, like how to adjust your know-how to each student, plan and always be prepared. 

Personally, I always seek challenges and look for ways to improve myself; and since I always loved coding and working on software development projects at University, getting a software developer job and advancing my career was a must. So in June 2020, I took the opportunity of coming back to my home country Cyprus through the repatriation flights and in the middle of the pandemic, I started looking for a job. 

Thankfully, jobs that involve Computer Science never ceased recruiting new developers. While looking for jobs, I didn’t want to limit myself to jobs that revolve around one programming language, so I kept looking for an opportunity that will teach me many new skills at once. 

Finding a job here at Factory39 was the perfect fit for me. It was a position for a Full-Stack Developer that was meant for junior programmers, ready to learn. Working as a Full-Stack Developer, you have the chance to work with many different programming languages and learn even more. I love that the company welcomed me immediately into their team and everybody is willing to help me in any way possible. I am confident that I will get to learn and experience even more and greater things here at Factory39.