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It’s our Birthday! Or like 50 Cent would say, “go shorty, it's your birthday”!

Happy 5 years to Zen, Martin, and most importantly, the Factory team. Evolving from two friends sharing an idea to a team of over 20 happy humans with clients and partners from all over the planet.

In order to celebrate this occasion, let's look back at these past 5 years and also peek at what is coming next.

2017 - So, how did Factory 39 start and who with? The company started as Anyscript with Martin Zarian and Zen Kyprianou, two digital professionals with the idea to unite brand, design and software. Initially, the duo worked on their own automation startup and then transitioned semi-organically into helping other companies develop and ship their brands & digital products.

2019 - So, after years of soggy socks, grey skies and the N29 bus, they packed up their London life and brought their idea to sunny Limassol, Cyprus, where Factory 39 evolved. A hub of expertise in branding, strategy and software development. So, why Cyprus? Sun almost all year round, max 10 mins from the sea, super relaxed lifestyle and the food, lots of incredible food! Wouldn’t you move? Thought so.

Factory 39. Where did the name come from? The idea of a Factory empowers an environment where products and ideas come to life. They get tested, refined and shipped to the market. 39 is the cheesy bit, the alpha-numerical addition of M and Z. And boom, Factory 39. Plus, we love the sound of it!

2022 - Factory 39 was built as a next-generation digital consultancy, a place where brands and digital products are engineered to build business growth, while empowering humans. But why ‘was’, why past tense? Although Factory 39 still obviously thrives as a digital consultancy, it’s become much more than that.

Factory 39 is an environment full of individuals that are truly happy and excited to come to work on a Monday morning, stay back on a Friday evening for drinks, and even return to the office on Saturday to play games with the team. This is our brand, a brand that goes beyond work and is always about the people. Now, that is something to celebrate.

FUTURE - So, what’s next for Factory 39? We will continue to grow & evolve as a team, both in size and knowledge. We will continue to help our clients thrive in their markets. And most importantly, we’ll have fun along the way and never stop learning.

Looking forward to riding the wave with the Factory 39 team.