Bridging the gap between strategy, design, and software.

FACTORY 39 launches as a next-generation creative digital consultancy.
Limassol. 12 September 2019. Today sees the launch of FACTORY 39, the next-generation creative digital consultancy, offering clients access to a wider, more strategic and creative set of services, such as strategy, branding and software development.

The factory is led by the founding partners Martin Zarian and Zenonas Kyprianou.

The founding duo collected almost 18 years of international experience, worked with FIFA, BT, eBay, Puma, and Thomson Reuters among other clients, to unlock their full potential in software and brand design.

Factory 39 is built to be the all-in-one creative partner of tomorrow’s ideas. The unique fusion of design and software answers the needs of today’s clients by enabling them to engage with a wider set of skills and have a more strategic approach on building their idea.

"Design can make the difference in any business or project, but design applied to strategic planning is a force to be reckoned with. At FACTORY 39 we use our very own approach, we called it The science of Design and it translate in the unique way we tackle problems: we Diagnose - Prescribe and only later Create. You simply can't solve a problem without really knowing it first, else you'll risk to double your troubles instead.”

Martin Zarian
Co-founder & Creative Director

The factory collaborates with brands and companies wishing to boost their image, develop new technologies, and build awareness, trust and loyalty with their customers. The diverse skill set of the F39 team enables them to build and finish any product and get it ready for the market, making it the best partner for startups and innovative thinkers too.

Zenonas Kyprianou, Co-founder and Managing Director at FACTORY 39 said:
"Developing an idea into a product customers will love, requires well designed and tested software. At FACTORY 39 we believe that scalable and adaptable software is a key asset in any business or product with a clear vision. Being a flexible agile team that adapts to changing requirements enables us to continuously deliver exactly what our customers need using a wide range of cutting edge technologies.

For further information:
[email protected]  |   +357 25 25 27 97

About FACTORY39:
Factory 39 is the next-generation creative digital consultancy with a strategy-first approach.

A place where ideas come to life and products reach the shelves. We work with brands and companies that need to boost their image, help them develop custom software and build awareness, trust and loyalty with their customers. We also work with startups and innovative thinkers, helping them set up or finish their product and getting them ready for the market.